The Miami sun is about to set, but the sand is still warm under your thighs. Your head on his shoulder. His arm around your waist. You’ve only known each other for a few days but you’ve already kissed a thousand times. You tell him snowboarding is like surfing. But with boots and an ugly helmet. He laughs. You smile. He says he’d like to come visit some day.

It all started with a mixed up order at the frozen yogurt store. He was Strawberry Peach. You Chocolate Butterscotch. It’s going to end at the airport on Sunday. But you don’t want to think about that right now. So you kiss him again.

Who cares about tomorrow when the sun is bright and the sky is blue? When you go on a vacation you leave your troubles behind. Clear mind, open heart. If we can give you this feeling when you step inside your local Huckleberry Juice & Yogurt Bar – we have succeeded.